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I am Queen Jenny. This is my Blog. I will be sharing about Fashion and Beauty. This is about life. I have a passion to see people healthy and beautiful. I am also the Founder of Jennese Crownz, a Natural Beauty Product Business that is launching soon.

This is more than simply a blog. This is a Conversation. Your stories must inspire many around the world. Please share your stories with me. You are also invited to apply as a Guest Author. Otherwise, I am expecting to see you on my Blog Articles commenting and taking part in the conversation.

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Natural Hair

Your hair is your crown. Wear it naturally. And live healthy. All natural hair management approach.

Natural skin

Your skin is the largest organ of your body. It helps to distinguish you. Take care of it naturally.


Hand Made Fashion for all occasions. Style is what you are born with. Let Fashion bring it out.

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Story Contributors

This is totally About You

My blog is totally dedicated to you, my readers. I am inviting you to have a conversation with me. Let’s talk about the things that matter to you. Let’s share our stories and experiences and help each other. We need each other, now more than ever before. Come join the conversation!

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